Plan the Perfect Rajasthan Itinerary with Jaipur Attraction

The Pink City of Rajasthan welcomes you to explore all of its vibrancy, delicacy, and purity. Being every traveler’s dream destination, Jaipur has so much to offer that a mere list of five things will never be able to complete it. Jaipur glorifies the significant Rajputana history and the spoils of war. The capital city is best known for its sightseeing, monuments, and shopping. You’ll never get enough of these chaotic but flamboyant markets. The old city gives a vibe of a hurly-burly market with vendors doing their chores, food markets that make you feel hungry all the time, and the intimidating but friendly commoners. Jaipur gives a fine introduction to the old world you’re yet to discover.

The city of monuments offer some really ravishing forts and palaces to see that gives a fine glimpse of the royal lifestyle, and there are these exquisite markets, temples, festivities, and so much more.

These five things about Jaipur will at least make you visit it once in your lifetime and cherish that time forever.

Havelis and Forts –
Jaipur will never be enough with its extraordinary palaces and forts. For travelers seeking out sightseeing and old city architecture, the city has uncountable forts and havelis (palaces) that are so enormous that visiting them all in just two-three days will never be enough. Some of these palaces are now reformed into hotels. Amer Palace, Hawa Mahal, and Jal Mahal are some if the most famous palaces. Where palaces are of their own significance, the Rajput Maharajas built many forts around Jaipur that were meant to protect their city. There are many forts in Jaipur that are still intact and worth exploring. Some prominent forts are Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, and Jaigarh Fort.

Museums –
If you have a taste for artifacts and vivid culture, then Jaipur gives you a fun ride to its various museums where art lovers enjoy themselves and soothe their eyes with such fascinating objects d’art that represents the time when Rajputs used to rule Rajasthan. Albert Hall exhibits great items on its display, where Anokhi Museum lets you save the last dance with such magnificent paintings on exhibits. Also, there is a wax museum where you’ll be charmed by wax statues of celebrities, along with the Doll Museum. Explore all museums while travelling through the Maharajas Express train.

The Bazaars –

Go home with several souvenirs and useful items that you buy from these vibrant but chaotic shopping markets in Jaipur. Their central mode of income is through their markets, and that makes Jaipur one of the best places for shopping. You can get anything between clothes to jewelries, artifacts to carpets, luxurious items to precious gems, and of course there is pottery. These bazaars showcase a bit of old school programing as they look. Some bazaars that await your arrival are Tripola, Bapu, and Nehru Bazaar. Make sure you bargain for anything you buy from here.

Camel Rides –
It’s uncommon for everyday you see someone riding a camel anywhere in the world. But in Jaipur, it is pretty common. Since Rajasthan is in a desert, Jaipur too gives a countless occurrences where you get to ride a camel and take a camel tour of the city. A camel ride is considered to be royal in Jaipur, along with riding on an elephant. The best rides are enjoyed near the Jal Mahal and the Lake District. The price of riding a camel totally depends on which season you’re in Jaipur, along with the distance. You can always bargain in Jaipur to get a fair deal.

Paintings –
Jaipur has a close connection with art and culture, and this is purely visible in their art galleries. There are many art galleries that display beautiful oil paintings and fine canvas paintings. These galleries of course sell paintings, but some of them even lets you paint an artifact yourself. Fascinating, isn’t it? Even if you are not buying them, you cannot hold yourself from checking out such beautiful miniature painted sculpture, paintings, and other artifacts around the pink city. Some of the famous art galleries are the Artchill Gallery, the Naila Art Gallery, and the Modern Art Gallery.

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