10 Exciting Things To Do In Darjeeling That Will Make Trip Memorable

Are you planning your honeymoon? Looking for a budget-friendly honeymoon destination in India? If yes, Darjeeling is an ideal honeymoon location in India. It is one of the affordable honeymoon places in the world. The people from different corner of the world are visiting Darjeeling to celebrate their private vacation. Beautiful landscape and best weather condition make this destination is ideal for married couples.

Amazing snow-covered mountain peaks, Green Mountain, exclusive waterfalls, and mountain villages are guarantee everyone will like this destination. You can enjoy your vacation with a partner and create a memorable movement. If you are searching for a wedding gift to your sister or friend, then you can book the best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India. It is a great way to explore your feeling to your friend.

10 Things to do in Darjeeling, West Bengal
From the exclusive view of the Himalayan peaks, beautiful river, to amazing land space, there are lots of the reasons why newly married couples are going to Darjeeling, West Bengal. You can plan the honeymoon to Darjeeling during the right time. August is the best time to travel to Darjeeling. In this month, the mountain is covered by the wind. Pick the cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India and visit popular tourist attractions in Darjeeling. Here are the top ten things to do on a honeymoon in Darjeeling.

1. Rumtek Monastery
Rumtek Monastery is one of the most popular things to do in Darjeeling. It offers a stunning view of the Gangtok. It sometimes provides alone to make the memories value cherishing. Depicting the Tibet architecture and Rumtek Monastery is the exact replica in Tibet.

2. Tiger hill
You should visit the tiger hill at least once in your lifetime. Every year lots of the people are visiting the Darjeeling. They can make the trek up to the great viewpoint at the snow-covered Himalayan peaks. The couples can also explore the sunrise from the tiger hill. The Honeymoon in Darjeeling, West Bengal, is incomplete without seeing the amazing sunrise viewpoint.

3. Senchal Lake
Senchal Lake is popular water bodies in the region. This lake and other surrounding areas are stunning picnic destination for the tourist around the world. The travelers should walk ten kilometers from the town to reach the Senchal Lake. You can also find a golf course and clubhouse near this Lake. You can play in the lake with your partner.

4. Explore beautiful tea garden
The couples can also see the stunning tea garden in Darjeeling. The Happy Valley tea garden spread more than four-hundred acres of Darjeeling. The tea garden is fun and mind-blowing experience to put the hand with a partner and walk in the garden path. The new couples can explore the greenery in the valley. The travelers can visit for watching the procedure to get tea from the tea leaves in the area.

5. Ropeway ride
In Darjeeling, the Ropeway ride is one of the adventure activities. The Ropeway ride is the best way to explore the complete Darjeeling valleys. There is no other method than valley passenger cable car to see it. It is thrilling activities to do in Darjeeling. You can enjoy thrilling activities with a loved one and create fun movements. The new couples will feel the thrill of flowing river beneath and the incredible view of the valley as well as to measure the plush foliage extent on the slopes of the mountain.

6. Enjoy Yak ride at Tsomgo Lake
In the affordable Darjeeling Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in india the couples can enjoy the Yak Ride at the Tsomgo Lake. The Yak ride is the most recommended activities in Gangtok. The Lake is an ideal backdrop for creating the unforgettable memories of your partner. You can also take lots of pictures with the Yaks and beautiful lake. This honeymoon trip will help you to strengthen the relationship with the loved one.

7. Mahakal Temple
The Mahakal temple is situated above the mountain. You can get the chance to explore the panoramic and stunning view of the Himalayan ranges. The couples can see lots of monkey on the temple. So make sure the loved one is secure. The steep hill rising from mall roadside will take the couples to the Mahakal temple. It is the best destination for both the Hindu and Buddhist priests.

8. Toy Train ride
If you need to get the fun activities, then the toy train ride is the best choice. It is an icon of the heritage in this honeymoon tour. August is the best time to visit in Darjeeling to get the fun experience of mist around. Taking the toy train ride will add the extra adventure to the journey. The travelers get to explore the stunning view of the Himalayan slopes and children hopping around.

9. Peace Pagoda
The Peace Pagoda is a famous Japanese temple in Darjeeling. It was established in 1972 and named as Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist temple. Most of the Buddhist people visit the Peace Pagoda temple. The travelers can see the beautiful view of the Darjeeling at the building top. The prayers in the Peace Pagoda offer a peaceful environment for the tourists.

10. Water sports
The honeymoon couples can enjoy water sports in Darjeeling. Experiencing the variety of water sports in the area such as White River rafting, Kayaking, and others at Darjeeling. It will make the trip unforgettable. It has two famous rivers for water sports such as Rangeet and Teesta. These rivers are the best choice for white river rafting where the tourist can enjoy the spots.

The top tour operators provide a reasonable Darjeeling honeymoon tour package to customers. With the cheap honeymoon package, you can explore the Darjeeling with your partner. It is a perfect location for new couples. Tea garden, toy train ride, car cable ride are interesting activities in Darjeeling that create a memorable moment with a partner. You can plan the honeymoon trip to Darjeeling for a fun journey.

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