Travelling to new places is the best thing which can give you a positive and fresh energy to catch up your routine when you are back. Going to new places can be fun when it is with your friends and can be adventurous when you are on your own. We all know that solo trips require a lot of extra work and plan which you must keep in mind to have a safe and healthy trip. whether you are going for a trek or are planning to hit the ocean it is always best to be safe rather than healing.

If you are planning to be a solo traveler then these 6 tips will be really helpful in planning as well as enjoying your trip.

Research and revise
Once you have made up your mind about the destination you would like to visit, the first thing you must do is to read about the place in detail. You must know about the climatic conditions, places to stay, places to visit. This research will make you feel more confident and will also help you in preparing your bag and baggage accordingly.

Make a list of your emergency contact numbers
Make sure always you have to travel with your phone unlocked and keep a list of emergency phone numbers somewhere easily accessible. Keep a diary where you must mention your name, blood group, your address, phone numbers of your parents or friends and you must also mention some quick details about your insurance policy. These things are very helpful if you and up in any kind of medical emergency.

Let your family and friends know about your whereabouts
One of the most important things to do before travelling solo is to let your family member and friends be aware of your tour. Your have to make a list of hotels or inns where you will be landing, You have to carry one local phone number entire you tour for communicate friends and family

Book a solo friendly accommodation
Booking an inn, home stay or a lodge will be the best idea rather than landing up in a hotel room as it will be in your budget and will also provide a homely feel. There are a lot of inns and homstays that offer home cooked food too which will add up to your trip and will leave you with yummy memories of the local food and hospitality. Travelers can easily book their accommodation .

Stay Somewhere With Free Wi-Fi
It can be depending on what time of year you travel, it might get dark early which means you do not want to be outside exploring as long as you might on a summer evening. If you are going to spending a lot of time at your hotel, please make sure to stay somewhere with free wi-fi access which will also help you cut short on those extra expenses. You can use this time for Skype, FB or other social media with your family and friends back home to recount your adventures for the day.

Eat and enjoy your food
Food is the most intresting part of travel where you can try different type of food with different people. After a long & tiring day dinner it can be difficult part especially when you are traveling by yourself. On that time f possible make sure you visit the same place to have your dinner, so you can meet same people again and it will be easy to socialize with them .

Travelling alone or solo is a complete adventure in itself and one must do it once in their lifetime. Solo traveling will gives you time to explore things according to your lookout but also makes you independent and confident. All you need to do is to keep some small things in mind and be extra careful or conses as your security and safety is in your hands. Go on and start planning your trip and make sure you choose a good trip advisor to guide you with places well within your budget.

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