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Manhattan is a unique city in all aspects, NewYork is playing a leading role in so many features. If it’s the culinary aspect NY gathered the most famous chefs from around the world along with local ones to open the best most inspired and innovative restaurants.

If it’s fashion, NYC city is one of four capital cities out there along with Milan, Paris, London, and Tokyo in the far east, that means worldwide coverage fashion shows, original and boutique stores, and even certain neighborhoods in Manhattan that ‘Fashion’ is their middle name, ‘Soho’ for example.

The examples of NYC being unique and a special city is endless, but one aspect of the matter can’t be ignored, it’s the eclectic of New York, the diversity between one neighborhood to the next which makes the city live and fresh.

Greenwich Village

One of the neighborhoods in the city that might be less popular with tourists is the Greenwich Village, located between 14th street from the north side, Houston at the south side, Broadway east, and of course Hudson River to the west,

Now let’s complicate things a little, Greenwich Village contains two more neighborhoods, one of them is the West Village which is the west side of Greenwich from 6th Avenue to the west.

And the other one is Meatpacking District which is boundaries are 14th street to the north, Gansevoort south border, Hudson Street to the east, and the river to the west.


Greenwich Village was an important melting pot for some subculture movements throughout the years.

The Beatniks, which were poets and writers that their style undermined the classic fashion writing and political ideas, that in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

The Beatniks were rooting crowd in Greenwich Village for the newish uprising Jazz genre, ‘Bebop’, a style of jazz that conquered NYC by a storm, also undermined the old-fashioned style of jazz big band era.

You could catch those two art forms in the Village in a club called Village Vanguard, which its early days were where Beatniks express themselves and years later for Jazz, the institute is still alive & kicking today.

Today the Greenwich Village his home to major actresses, writers, musicians, poets, fashion designers, and artists in general.

There are few major Jazz clubs in NYC, some of the most popular are in the Village, Village Vanguard, Blue Note, Smalls, Cafe Bohemia, Arthur’s Tavern and more.

Another movement was the LGBT rights movement that started at the Greenwich Village back at 69 at Stonewall Inn club where the police raid the place, the raids lead into riots by the locals and year after the first Gay Pride Parade was taken place from Greenwich Village to Central Park, that in 1970.

Today Greenwich Village and West Village are known to be very LGBTQ friendly with a lot of institutes including of course Stonewall Inn that still operates.

The Gay Pride parade passing through the Village where the Wallstone Monument located.

Attractions in Greenwich Village

The Village offers a few attractions in New York, none of them are a “Must” but if you are in the area, so you might enjoy and appreciate them.

Washington Square Park

The main park of the village, a lovely not too big and fun park with a famous arch monument erected in 1892 in an appreciation and memory of the first president of the United States, George Washington.

The Arch his looking upon the 5th avenue, which starts at that point. The park has many chess tables, a fountain where kids can play in the summertime. There are street performances throughout the park.

Bleecker Street

Maybe the most important entertainment hub in Greenwich Village, start at Bowery st. and ends on 8th avenue, but see that most activities taking place from La Guardia street to 7th avenue.

Pubs, restaurants, original shops, fashion stores, pizzas, live shows venues, and more…
From 7th avenue to 8th Bleecker streets contains more fashion and boutique stores.

A few famous spots in Bleecker street, one of them is Magnolia Bakery. If you liked the TV show ‘Sex & The City’ you probably notice when Kerry & Miranda sit on a bench and enjoy a Cupcake, well the cupcake belongs to the Bakery which can be seen behind them, Magnolia.
West 11st and Bleecker.

Bleecker Street Pizza is one of the most popular pizzas in NYC, some would say one of the best pizzas in the city, well it’s debatable, located on Bleecker and 7th Ave.


Everybody that has been in NYC knows that the locals take their Pizza ver series, there is an eternal debate within the locals, which is the best pizza in NYC?

For some reason, Greenwich Village contains a lot of Pizza joints, surprisingly (or not), some of them do enter the category of ‘The best pizza in New York’.

Names like Joe’s Pizza on Carmine st. 7, John’s on Bleecker 278 Bleecker st. (get ready to wait in line), Bleecker Street Pizza 7th and Bleecker, Numero 28 on Carmain 28 st. Denino’s Greenwich Village on 93 Macdougal, and more…

By the way, all of those Pizza joints that we’ve mentioned are a walking distance from one another and there are more.

Meatpacking District

Meatpacking District is a renovate, lovely spot in NYC. What once was a location for a meatpacking industry, then transfer into nightlife and even kinda danger spot, today as we mentioned is an inviting and clean area.

In the Meatpacking district, you can start your trip to one of the most famous parks in the city in the last few years, it’s the High-Line Park, which starts at Gansevoort st. and continue up to 34th.

Just beside it located Whitney Museum of American Art, which is a must to all art enthusiasts.

Final Words

Greenwich Village is a clean and fun neighborhood that has seen a lot during the years and played an important role in how society is shaped these days.

The hotels in Greenwich Village NYC are considered to be cheaper than the rest of New York, because the neighborhood is less touristic than Downtown, Midtown and so on.

There are a lot of cool attractions in the Village, and pizzas, there are a lot of pizzas.

Oh, one more thing, if you liked the TV Series Friends, so remember the building that they supposedly lives in, yes, it’s in the Bedford corner of Grove in Greenwich Village.


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